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A HUNDRED YEARS OF HAPPINESS (feature documentary)


A rural Vietnamese couple’s optimism to support their daughter’s fast-tracked journey as a marriage migrant to South Korea leaves little time for reflection.



Syn2: A Hundred Years of Happiness; an observational documentary, is a personal portraiture of a Vietnamese farming family and their daughter Tram. While her father instils in her the importance of familial obligation to care for one’s ageing parents, her mother desires a secure future devoid of economic hardship. Determined to fulfil both her parent’s wishes, Tram pursues a new life in South Korea as a migrant bride, but her fast-tracked journey leaves little time for reflection.

Film Information:

English Title: A Hundred Years of Happiness

Vietnamese Title: Trăm Năm Hạnh Phúc

Length: 62 mins/71 mins Versions

Released: 2020

Director: Jakeb Anhvu 

Producers: Kim Nguyen, CB Slater & Jakeb Anhvu

Writers: David Cooley & Jakeb Anhvu

Filming Location: Mekong Delta/Saigon, Southern Vietnam

Vietnamese with English Subtitles




* The final instalment of a three part Vietnam documentary collection.

* Trăm Năm Hạnh Phúc (A Hundred Years of Happiness) is a common, traditional expression of support for the bride and groom at Vietnamese weddings. The proclamation also appears on wedding decorations and cards)

Developed at the Asia Pacific Screen Lab (APSlab)

(scholarship mentorship program for script development)


(Artist residence for script development through APSLAB)

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