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Blush of Fruit by Jakeb Anhvu

BLUSH OF FRUIT (feature documentary)


In a modest three storey home located in the beachside town in Nha Trang (central Vietnam), reside four young expectant mothers. With their pregnancies hidden from their families, they are given shelter. But in return they must care for the centre's 18 orphaned children.


The home's owner, Tong Phuoc Phuc, has been praised by the country's Prime Minister for his work as an anti-abortionist and a saviour to 'fallen' women and their unwanted children. But there is a darker side to the home's media-savvy front. Referred to as a 'business' by the mothers and their local community, donations continue to pour in, despite allegations of child abuse and profiteering.


Film Information:

English Title: Blush of Fruit


Various titles translated by festivals:

Greek: Φρούτα που ωριμάζουν

Spanish: Frutas madurando

Polish: Okrutny Sierociniec

Chinese: 瓜熟蒂落 


Length: 82 mins (Theatrical), 52 mins (T.V Version)

Released: 2012

Director: Jakeb Anhvu 


Producers: Kim Nguyen & Jakeb Anhvu

Writers: Jakeb Anhvu & David Cooley


Filming Location: Nha Trang, Central Vietnam

Vietnamese with English Subtitles


Watch:        GuideDoc




More info:    Blush of Fruit


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