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Dan Bau Lullaby by Jakeb Anhvu

DAN BAU LULLABY (short documentary)



A musician affected by exposure to agent orange follows his dream to become a dan bau player.


Nguyen Thanh Tung is a respected dan bau (monochord) player from Hanoi, Vietnam. Both he and his sister were born with disabilities resulting from their father's exposure to a toxin known as Agent Orange. In Dan Bau Lullaby, Nguyen speaks candidly about his influences, inspiration, daily life and why he communicates through lullabies.


Film Information:

Nguyen Thanh Tung musician info: Wiki

Title: Đàn Bầu Lullaby

Length: 9 mins

Released: 2015

Director: Jakeb Anhvu 


Producers: Kim Nguyen, C Slater & Jakeb Anhvu

Writers: David Cooley & Jakeb Anhvu


Filming Location: Hanoi, Northern Vietnam

Vietnamese with English/Spanish Subtitles




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