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Sway by Jakeb Anhvu

SWAY (short documentary)

This short documentary tells the story of Andie Hide. Andie was born with a condition called Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome or AIS (incorrectly labeled Hemaphrodite).


There are 20,000 people with AIS in Australia; physical characteristics and gender identity can vary as some identify themselves as solely male or female while others identify as having a gender that is not exclusively male or female. At the age of five, doctors made a terrible error by deciding she should live as a boy. Within this story we learn more about this condition and how Andie feels about what happened to her when she was younger. "Sometimes there are walls in my dreams; while walls with squares and scales marked on them." - Andie Hider

Film Information:

Title: Sway

Length: 4 mins

Released: 2004

Director: Jakeb Anhvu

Producers: Steve Thomas & Marsha Emerman

© University of Melbourne - Victorian College of The Arts (VCA)

Writers: Jakeb Anhvu & David Cooley

Filming Location: Melbourne, Australia



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