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The Marshall Cooking Show by Jakeb Anhvu

THE MARSHALL COOKING SHOW (short documentary)

Scott Marshall is unhappy with his body, so with his wife's help, he sets out to transform his body size. An insight into the 'Feeder & Gainer' phenomenon, Australian-Style...

Background Info:

A gainer is one who gains; a feeder is one who feeds. Some feed or gain as a fetish, while others feel more confident and sexy when fat. There is an extensive community on the internet, mostly based in the USA. In recent years, this lifestyle choice has gained greater popularity in Australia.

Film Information:

Title: The Marshall Cooking Show

Length: 8 mins 6 secs

Released: 2004

Director: Jakeb Anhvu 

Producers: Steve Thomas & Marsha Emerman

© University of Melbourne - Victorian College of The Arts (VCA)

Writers: Jakeb Anhvu & David Cooley

Filming Location: Adelaide, Australia



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